Mayor Jerry N. Hruby

Jerry N. Hruby began serving his eigth four-year term as Mayor of the City of Brecksville, January 2, 2016, and will be serving through January 1, 2020. He is also the City’s Safety Director. He was unopposed in the November of 2007 & 2011 elections and will be unopposed again this fall, 2016.
Mayor Hruby began his career with the City of Brecksville in 1968 when he became a member of the Brecksville Police Department. He is a lifelong Brecksville resident and has been married to his wife Patricia for 45 years. Their adult daughter, Anna, also resides in Brecksville.
Mayor Hruby’s slogan in his first mayoral campaign exemplifies the government of Brecksville and has been adopted as the City’s slogan, " Building Our Future with Respect for Our Past."
Brecksville, a historic Western Reserve Community founded in 1811, has received many statewide and local awards. We have been honored as one of the safest cities and one of the best cities for families in the nation. The Mayor is a strong supporter of the community’s local historical association and has taken on the role of historian for the City government. He has worked toward the preservation of artifacts, photographs and documents that tell the history of our community and its governance.
During Mayor Hruby’s tenure in office, he has provided the vision and oversight for many important projects. These include a new County Library, a new 48,000 sq ft Community Center which houses the Recreation Department and its programs and activities, and expansion to the Community Center making it 98,000 sq ft. with a Human Services wing, expanded Fitness Center and Therapy Pool; Kids Quarters children’s playground, Municipal Lake, a City-owned satellite postal unit, the RTA Park n Ride/City Parking Lot, downtown renovation programs and parking, the acquisition of the 83-acre Blossom Hill property and 102-acre Cleveland Tree Farm, the addition of many playing fields at the Blossom facility including a lighted full size fenced artificial surface facility, upgraded renovation of the City Hall playing fields, renovation of the historic Old Town Hall, expansion of the Service Department and Fire Station, and purchase and redevelopment of the former Brecksville-Broadview Heights School District bus garage compound on Stadium Drive. Currently, a new Master Plan for the complete 185-acre Blossom Hill site was completed by the Mayor’s Citizen Committee in December of 2011. They submitted their findings to the Recreation Commission, Mayor Hruby and City Council in 2012. An architectural firm has been hired in 2014 to finalize and reduce to a formal plan the efforts of the Master Plan Committee, which will be submitted to Council in 2015. The Construction of a new Service Facility at Blossom Hill was completed in 2014 and the Stadium Drive material storage facility was constructed in the fall of 2012. In 2014 the new Service Vehicle Storage and Horticulture Facility is being constructed as phase II of the Stadium Drive plan. Also in 2014 we began the design phase for a new Police Station/Court Facility.

The Bicentennial Obelisk Garden began in 2011 as part of the celebration and was completed in 2012; a lasting tribute to Brecksville’s first 200 years. Two (2) fifty-year time capsules were buried at this site and are to be opened in 2061. The Obelisk was dedicated and the time capsules buried on July 1, 2012. Plans are under way for a historic walk from City Hall to the Obelisk displaying historic facts along the walkway as a manner in which to tell, in part, the story of significant events during the first 200 years. In the fall of 2013, a cooperative agreement between the city school district and the city resulted in the renovation of the Highland Drive School baseball field. The area was re-graded, new grass planted, renovated playing surface, replacement of fence, dugouts and backstop all were installed. The field was ready for play in spring of 2014. We appreciate the cooperation of the school district who will share in its use with the city.
Under the Mayor’s guidance, Brecksville won the 2003 “America in Bloom” award and was the 2003 national winner of the “Proven Winners Landscaped Areas Award.” The city’s Beautification Committee was created under the direction of Mayor Hruby and is an integral part
of the volunteerism that oversees the design of city plantings and beautification and decorations throughout the community. This is our 21st Tree City Year Award.
The Mayor established an award winning city-wide recycling program in 1988 through the fine work and dedication of our residents and Service Department staff. It has expanded and added programs for older residents and those with special needs, and has enacted many other City improvements and additional City services such as leaf pick up, white goods, and discarded electronics.
Five years ago the Mayor and staff recognized this region and our country as entering a period of recession. The city’s share of government funding began to decrease as well as the collection of income taxes. The Mayor and staff put together a plan that was agreed to by City Council which included reduction in staff by attrition, reduced spending in all categories, while at the same time maintaining the level of services to our residents and the maintenance of our facilities. This plan has worked and the city finds itself in the position that no layoffs have been required nor have we had a dramatic cut in services. The plan continues.
The Mayor also serves on the City Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Records Commission, Investment Board, oversees Economic Development and the collection of Income Taxes and presides over the City Mayor’s Court which has two Magistrates who hear all cases.
In 2009, Mayor Hruby was honored by the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency with the Walter F. Ehrnfelt, Jr. Award for outstanding regional contribution. The Mayor was much honored to receive this award for many reasons. First, because it is named after former Strongsville Mayor Walter Ehrnfelt. Mayor Hruby and Mayor Ehrnfelt were very good friends and worked on many civic and political projects together. Mayor Hruby delivered the eulogy at Mayor Ehrnfelt’s funeral. Second, the award was presented to him by U.S. Senator George Voinovich, with whom Mayor Hruby has been a close associate for well over 30 years. Third, Mayor Hruby served for 10 years on the NOACA Board and was President of the Board as well as Chairman of the Transportation Improvement Plan and Chairman of the Environmental Committee. And last, it was an honor for the Mayor to receive this award in the presence of Anne Ehrnfelt, Mayor Ehrnfelt’s wife and a close friend of the Mayor. For these reasons, Mayor Hruby stated, “Of the many awards I have received throughout my career, this one is uniquely significant due to my relationship with Mayor Ehrnfelt, first and foremost, and secondly because of my close relationship with Senator Voinovich and my friends at NOACA.
In his spare time, Mayor Hruby enjoys acting. He is a member of the Brecksville Little Theatre and winner of the Outstanding Actor Award for his portrayal of Miles Gloriosus in the play, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. He also portrayed the Governor of Texas in the popular musical The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Daddy in Daddy’s Dyin’, Who’s Got the Will? a somewhat challenged Monk in the dark farce Incorruptible, the Attorney in Good Bye Charlie, God in Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar and Grill, the Mayor in Inherit the Wind, was cast singing a variety of songs and participating in a variety of segments of BLT productions as they celebrated the Bicentennial and their 70th Anniversary with an original play written by Ruth Wheaton of BLT entitled Celebrate their 70th anniversary, The Captain in Mr. Roberts and was a cast member of It’s A Wonderful Life, Radio Stage Version in which he read the voices of seven characters, including the infamous Mr. Potter. In 2014 he appeared in BLT's production of Forbidden Broadway where he sang and danced to a variety of songs that made up the Broadway spoof on its self. In September of 2015 when BLT kicks off its 75th Season, The Mayor will be part of the ensemble  performing in the production "Salute to 75, Words and Song".   He is also a member of Brecksville Little Theater’s Board of Trustees. The Mayor writes and directs the original City Children’s Christmas Plays since 1986 but has been part of these programs in other ways since 1971, the year that his brother, former Mayor Jack A. Hruby, and Jack’s friend Larry Dailey began the annual Christmas play tradition.
Mayor Hruby served along with former City Council President Larry Potla as Advisor to the Brecksville 1811-2011 Bicentennial Committee. Mayor Hruby is an avid collector of Disney, sports memorabilia, political memorabilia and local historical artifacts.
Mayor Hruby was most recently appointed by Gov. John Kasich to The Ohio Turnpike Commission on June 30th, 2011 and was elected Chairman of the Commission on July 1, 2011. On June 30, 2013, the Mayor was reappointed to the commission now known as the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission for an 8 year term; he remains its Chairman.
“Each City Council I have had the distinct privilege to work with has partnered with our Administration and the community to see that together, we would accomplish the many goals we have set to improve our City facilities and services. The Administration’s staff also played a major role in each and every project. It was our ability to work together, respect each other’s positions, and to engage in dialogue that has made our goals reality. We must now be the stewards of what we have created and continue to serve our citizens by providing for their current needs, and planning and projecting their needs for the future.” - Mayor Jerry N. Hruby