City Chit Chat

Council Vice President Mike Harwood, Council Member Lou Carouse were re-elected To four year terms effective January 2, 2018-January 01, 2022. Jack Petsche was elected for the first time to the other four year term effective January 2, 2018 expires January 01,2022. Dennis Rose was elected to the term effective January 02, 2018 and expires January 1, 2020. Congratulations.

On January 2, 2018 at 8:00PM in the Ralph Biggs City Council Chambers, the four newly elected Council Members will be administered the Oath of Office. City Council will elects its President and Vice President that same evening along with various appointments to Board and Commissions. The meeting is of course Open to The Public.

ThenDesign is designing the addition to the Jack A Hruby Natatorium and a design to remove and replace and expand our outdoor aquatics facility at the Community Center.

Our Economic Development Director Frank La Rose resigned this fall as he begins his campaign to seek election as Ohio’s Secretary of State. Frank has been an outstanding Economic Development Director and has brought hundreds of new jobs to our city. Thank you Frank for a job very well done.

The Police Station is now under construction across from City Hall/Fire Station and will be opened in the fall of 2018.

City Council Clerk Mary Scullin retired April 3, 2017 after serving our city for 28 years. She has been an exemplary employee who demonstrated tireless efforts, high levels of efficiency and simply stated, one of the finest members of our staff. She involved herself in civic activities, Christmas Plays and many events over the years as part of our city family. Mayor Hruby stated at her final Council meeting that Mary was without doubt the main catalyst in a cooperative working relationship between Council and the Administration. He also stated that much of the success he has enjoyed as Mayor can be directed towards Mary Scullin’s assistance. She will be missed.

Tammy Tabor has been appointed by City Council as its Clerk of Council. She has a background as Clerk for the Olmsted Township Trustees and possesses many talents that made her an outstanding candidate for this position. Welcome! We are seeking residents who are willing to serve on the Steering Committee for our Master Plan Update effort with the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission. This project should take about one year. All interested should contact Kate Kelly at 440-526-2601.

Rt. 82 from Rt.21 west to the city corporation line will be reconstructed at a cost of $4.3M. The State of Ohio will grant the city $1.2M in a reimbursement payment for this project. Removal of the current roadway and concrete/metal guardrail median. They will be replaced with a new subsurface road bed, concrete roadway and curbs, drainage, and a soil median strip planted with grass. Trees and other improvements to the median will follow. Work began this summer and will be stopped during the winter months. During winter both lanes in each direction will be opened. In the spring, the eastbound lanes will be removed and reconstructed. Also in the spring, traffic will be maintained with one lane in each direction on the westbound side of the roadway. Be patient and, if possible, avoid the area during rush hours. February 7, 2017, ThenDesign Architects and the Mayor were authorized to enter into a contract with the City for the design of the proposed additional Water/Aquatics facility and the Field House facility. As a result of this study, it has been determined that the best plan for an expanded water facility would be at our Community Center. The Jack A. Hruby Natatorium would be expanded to include an additional pool with slides and other activities for all, toddlers to adults. Plans also call for a new outdoor facility replacing the current facility. It is being planned to be slightly larger than what was originally planned for Blossom Hill. Additional parking will also be in the plans. Plans are nearly completed and we plan that construction to begin in February or March of 2018. Capital Projects at the Community Center clock tower and roof have been completed late 2017 as were the Fire Station projects. We continue to improve or maintain our facilities to meet the needs and to provide the best service to our residents.

The Palmieri Property on Hillsdale and Parkview has been donated to the Land Conservancy and Metro Parks and will not be developed for single family residential dwellings. Metro parks continues to add to the Brecksville Reservation.

Old Town Hall (1874) has restored front steps, archway and walkways. The Cupola has been rebuilt exactly as the original. The Annex Building (1925) adjacent to Old Town Hall has had an exterior renovation and new plantings. These historic structures are hallmarks of our city. The city has also completed it work to improve the Old Town Hall stage lighting. Next plans are being made to improve the sound systems and connect the Annex directly at stage level to the Old Town Hall. The Community Garden had a very wonderful and successful first year. All 77 plots looked great and were harvested daily with many fine flowers and vegetables. Renewals were February 1, 2017 and the garden opened March 1, 2017. Again all plots were rented. The site added a Monarch Station for Butterflies and was recognized for its accomplishments in that endeavor. Interested residents for 2018 should contact Police Chief Dan Jereb retired June 1, 2016 and has been replaced by William Goodrich as Police Chief on June 2, 2016. Police Sergeants Bob Johnson and Stan Korinek have been promoted to Lieutenant May 3, 2016 and June 7, 2016 respectively. Patrolman John Chrisopulos was promoted to Sergeant February 7, 2017. Patrolman Bill Reppa became a Sergeant on March 19, 2017. Canine Officer Mike Baumann was promoted to Sergeant on July 23, 2017 and will continue as our Canine Officer.

With the retirement of Edwin Egut as Fire Chief, Lt. Nick Zamiska was promoted to Chief on August 2, 2017 and Fire Fighter Victor Lenarth was promoted to Fire Lieutenant on October 15, 2017.

Metro Health Emergency and Surgery Center opened its doors on August 16, 2016, and our ambulances have begun transporting patients to this facility. Metro Health has been partnering with our Human Services Center in a variety of wellness programs. This is a full service facility and offers many services and procedures. We are so pleased they are now part of our community and have reduced the time it takes to be transported to an emergency facility with these services. They played a major role in our Safety Day programs as well as Home Days. They now will act as our Medical Control for the Fire Rescue Ambulance and our Paramedics. Over $12,000 was raised at the Mayor’s Inaugural Ball and was donated to the relocation and building of a new Safety Town for our Police to operate their annual summer program. The facility will relocate to Blossom Hill. Toth Painting Solutions of Brecksville, donated $1,378.00 from their company’s profits in 2016, an annual and very generous donation to the city. Previous allocations were made to the Human Services Pantry. We began a program to sell city street signs and traffic control signs earmarking those funds to Safety Town. Nearly $6000 has been raised by selling the retired/out data signs. The sale continues and was a Christmas season hit. Other fund raising projects are being held to fund our new Safety Town. A committee of residents has been appointed and will assist in this effort.

Police DARE Officer John Chrisopulos has been named the 2016 State DARE Officer of the year in a ceremony at King’s Island. Congratulations John for being named to this prestigious award and the recognition that goes with being awarded this honor. John has been promoted to Sergeant and will complete the 2017-2018 school year as DARE Officer. Officer Mark Krzynowek has completed DARE school with Honors and is working with the DARE program in preparation to become the DARE OFFICER when John returns to Patrol Supervision and added responsibilities as our Community Policing Officer.

With the Retirement of Bonnie Longo as the Mayor’s Assistant, Kate Kelley has been hired as Bonnie’s replacement. Bonnie is to be commended for her many years of dedicated service to the Mayor and our city. Bonnie Longo is a special person who brought much to the city staff and will be missed. Thank you Bonnie and good health and happiness during your retirement.

Patrolman/Detective Jim Lobenthal will retire January 2, 2018 after serving our community for Jim is an excellent investigator and has contributed much to the department both during his Patrol Days and as an Investigator. He has done an outstanding service in the area of Evidence Protection and Property Room supervision as well as his talents in all aspects of law enforcement. Thanks Jim for a job well done!