Mayor Hruby's Gallery

Peto K-9 Officer - Home Days Demonstration
  • Peto K-9 Officer - Home Days Demonstration
  • 2013 Memorial Day - Mayor Jerry N. Hruby and Second Lietenant David G. Hamski, West Point Graduate
  • Dedication of the Bicentennial Obelisk - Mayor Bob Kubicek, Mayor during the Sesquicentennial of 1961 Mayor Jerry Hruby, Mayor during the Bicentennial of 2011
  • 2016-Police-Beard-Contest
    2016 Shop with a Cop Beard Contest - Mayor Hruby and City Assistant Law Director, Sergio DiGeronimo and Police Officers Grew Beards to Raise Money for the Shop with a Cop Program.
  • Dedication of Tony Niccoli Field - August 29, 2015 Mayor Jerry Hruby with Tony Niccoli
  • Public Square
  • Brecksville residents and Don and Shirley Grispino - Making blue ribbons in tribute to law enforcement
  • 1927 Ahrens Fox
  • Brecksville Community Center
  • Public Square Armed Forces Service Monuments
  • 2011 image that appeared on the weather channel
  • Christmas Time is a wonderful time of the year. The memories we have and the memories we make are so very precious. One of mine was to go to the Cleveland downtown department stores and visit with Santa. Halle's and Higbees were my favorites. My brother Jack and I in 1953.
  • During the Bicentennial celebration of 2011, the children of Brecksville were invited to create artwork of Brecksville. The artwork was placed in the time capsule during Home Days of that year, not to be opened until 2061. Isaac Luther created the caricature below of Mayor Hruby. The Mayor was quoted as saying "I finally reached the pinnacle of my career, as I am now a cartoon character, which is an honor considering my fondness for my childhood hero, Walt Disney. Thank You, Isaac!"
  • Isaac Luther pictured with the Mayor and his artwork